Sports injuries: causes and tips to avoid injuries

Sports has numerous benefits for your body but in some cases it can also tie up with unpleasant consequences. Sports injuries usually occur because of overloading or lack of warm-up. Pain in the back and knee problems are among the most common injuries in sports, like the so-called whiplash in the calf. Ensure proper heating of muscles and wearing proper sports wear can prevent a lot of problems. How can you avoid injuries by sport? An overview of causes and tips to avoid sports injuries.
worst sport injury
Sports: good for your body

Use your body for which it was created, exercise, can have many benefits. For that reason many people play sport in their spare time. Through sports you improve your circulation, you avoid the kilos fly out and makes you sweat through proper processing of waste from your body. Even a slight but regular exercise (such as a walk every day) can be beneficial for your health. However, sports can also entail drawbacks in the form of injuries.

Causes of sports injuries


Injuries to the body can occur because of various reasons. Sometimes someone makes a drastic decision to finally do something about his health, for example by making good New Year’s resolutions. Wild plans are being made for the body to turn into a dream body of athletic level. But laid by that enthusiasm can be a lot of pressure on the body. Your body will protest if you want to book too fast too much progress. By overloading injuries will also arise easily.

Poor warming

The cause can not be mentioned is the lack of warm-up. Warm-up is important because you will literally warm the muscles to perform the sporting activity better. By warming muscles, you ensure better blood circulation and oxygenation. But a warm-up can be perceived as boring and many people dare skip it often. Typical injuries which are caused by a bad warm-up are cramps, muscle strains and cracks.

poor warming
Poor sports equipment

One factor that is often underestimated when it comes to avoiding sports injuries is to choose the right footwear and sports equipment. For example, correct posture on the bike can prevent you get hurt rises to the knee or tendinitis. prevent the choice of decent shoes that you put too much pressure on your feet and runs the chance to sprain your ankle. These are just some examples of the importance of excellent sports equipment.

Common Sports Injuries

Knee Problems

The knee is one of the most delicate joints of the human body. The knee ensures that the legs are able to travel, but also for carrying a large proportion of the body weight. When an excessive load on the knee joint pain can occur to the knee, like tendonitis (tendonitis) or problems with the meniscus. Cyclists, footballers, tennis players are just a few examples of athletes who regularly suffer from knee problems.

Back injury

The back is a body part that is put to the test in various sports. It is the connection of lower torso with a back problem so far-reaching consequences can lead to both body parts. Herniated disc, lower back pain and sciatica can pursue your very complicate beloved sport. Even though the rest of your body in shape and you feel super, a back problem can send all confused. Back problems can occur just about all sports.

Prevent sports injuries: tips

Warming up

The first tip that you should keep in mind is: “good start is half won.” Start your sports activity with a proper warm-up, even though it is not one of your favorite parts of the sport. A good warm up you can mostly avoid muscle injuries but also stimulate your circulation. This can be done by massaging the muscles with a good massage oil.

Muscle gel

Moreover, it can not hurt your muscles also to smear a precaution with a supporting balm. A gel, cream or balm that makes the muscles supple can reduce the risk of injuries such as cramps. Once the activity started, it is important to know your own limits and not overly taxing your body, how good you you’re amusing.


Do not forget in all this to protect your body through good shoes and appropriate clothing (eg thermo clothing against cold and rain), so you can avoid unnecessary injuries.

The dog clipper: Why should mow some dogs?

Here are some tips to help you choose the right best dog clippers in the market if you feel able to carry yourself mowing. Otherwise, it would be better to entrust this somewhat delicate task to a professional groomer.

Mow your dog is an operation that requires a minimum of skills and knowledge. Indeed, we must not only know how to use properly but also master the specifics of the race of the animal (standard, type of hair, mowing frequency …). That is why this treatment is often given to a professional groomer. More

5 Benefits of Power Rack Training

A power rack is indeed one of the best gym equipment that you will ever see and use. When it comes to doing barbell exercises, nothing caters them better than a power rack.

What Is a Power Rack?

A power rack or a cage rack or a squat rack is a rectangular cubic equipment that’s normally made of steel used to do a whole lot of barbell exercises. It has safety catches and pins to enhance usability and safety.

power rack benefit


5 Training Benefits

So how this piece of steel can help you with training?

In reality, it is the most used gym equipment. You will see it in every gym for all its training benefits.

You don’t need a spotter

A spotter, by definition, is someone trained to look after something or someone. In gym, a spotter is the guy who helps you in lifting weight for two main reasons. First, to ensure you lift it the right way and second and importantly, to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

Imagine you are doing exercise alone in your home without a spotter. It might get hard especially if you just started. This is where a power rack can help you.

It provides you with security and guard so if you have a power rack in your home, consider yourself safe. You can lift heavy weights without fear of hurting yourself.

A Whole Lot of Exercises

There is hardly any exercise that you cannot do on a cage rack. You can always buy and add more equipment to your rack to add more exercises to the list.

A power rack is supposed to be the best equipment for heavy barbell workouts. Anything and everything can be done on it ranging from deadlifts to squats to pull ups to bench press (with the best weight bench) and more. You just name it.


Power racks are great at boosting your confidence. When you use it, you can always give yourself a hard time and build your confidence by adding more weight. Adding more weight and going extra mile will give you a lot of confidence.

Since a cage rack is safe so it gets easy to add more weight and boost your confidence.

Peaceful Mind

Power rack will provide you with a peaceful training experience. How?

You know that you will not hurt yourself of course if you have the best power rack and you know the way to use it, you know that you can add more weight without anyone else’s help and you are sure that you will not end up damaging your muscles. More

Baby pack and play: what do you know?

How do I know that my pack and play is secure?

The pack and play must comply with the latest European standards. Before you buy a playpen, look for the pack and play is certified. You can also check list best Pack and Play 2016 of Baby Venue blog.

How do I choose the right pack and play?

There are so many makes and models of baby boxes on the market. But where to look for if you’re a pack and play? Want a folding pack and play, a round, or maybe one with a handy drawer? Below are several tips to find the right playpen for you and your baby! The most important tips are included.

Safety first

Of course, you’ve already made safe the whole house for your child: sharp corners and sockets are protected and tables can be locked. But the box itself must naturally be safe: your child can not climb out from there and no body parts may get stuck trapped.

Always check that the playpen meets the latest safety standards. Baby boxes from the famous shops are often excellent, but on the second-hand market can be outdated, but also faulty and downright dangerous baby pack and play encounter. A parent warned is forearmed!

New or used?

A good playpen is virtually indestructible. They are therefore often sold second hand. It is used to look for baby boxes important additional safety. It is an older model of a well-known manufacturer? Which European standards meets the pack and play? Is the baby pack and play still intact and above all there are no splinters on?

Size, color, materials and design

For this is true of course, that there is no disputing about tastes. There’s something for almost every taste find a playpen. Want to sell well babybox later, it is often useful to purchase a timeless model of a known brand.

Most of the pack and plays are at least 80 x 100 cm, which is suitable for a child up to about six months. Then they need more play and exercise area. In terms of material, there is everything for sale. Please only softer wood on possible splintering. Collapsible spare pack and plays are practical to take family, friends and holidays. I recommend for you the best choice is Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer More

I want to prevent sports injuries

Sometimes a muscle pulls too far, a joint tilts the wrong way, a tendon tear or even break a bone…. We are speaking of sports injuries. To prevent sports injuries you should gradually build up your sport. Start step by step with an exercise routine. Always start with a warm up.

injury football

For example, a first round of racing on an exercise on bikes. Do exercises that fit your sport, so you can smoothly make the major movements can maintain better control and longer. Close the exercise with leaking or stretching exercises. This allows your body to gradually cool. Continue to exercise regularly. How to stay fit. Did not workout, for a while? Building exercise gradually again.

What is a sports injury?

Sport and exercise we do with our bones, muscles, tendons and joints. We call that ‘the musculoskeletal system. When you exercise, your musculoskeletal system is stronger. Bones and tendons become firmer, thicker muscles and your joints flexible.

Sometimes it is just wrong. A muscle stretches too far, a joint tilts the wrong way, a tendon tear or even break a bone are all sports injuries.

How is a sports injury?

Sports injuries can occur suddenly, for example because you sprains or fall, or by an opponent touch or collides with you. In some sports, certain injuries are more common because of an uneven ground, for example in soccer, there is a chance on spraining of the ankle. Here the ankle ligament can tear. If you with lots of power outlets to jump or sprint, then there can be caused by rapid stretching a tear in a calf muscle (whiplash). If you fall while your skis stuck in the snow, you can easily twist your knee.

Sports injuries can also occur gradually. For example, training on hard surfaces and do not wear good shoes, your knees should always absorb the blows. If you train too hard can overload your muscles or joints. In this article, you will find all important information to prevent injuries while playing sport.

Advice to prevent sports injuries

Each sport gives personal injuries. To prevent injuries, there are the rungs in a row, with common injuries there. Choose your sport and see what you can do best to prevent injuries.

A few examples of protection against injuries:

  • Your ankle taping or bracing if you have had an ankle injury.
  • Shin guards for example, in football or hockey.
  • Mouthguard with hockey.
  • Wear a helmet when you go skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking or cycling.
  • Children wear a helmet when skating or sailing.
  • Knee, wrist and elbow pads for roller skating.
  • Wear shoes that are appropriate for your sport and to the surface where you sport. For tips about sports on prevent injuries.

sport injury

Recommendations to prevent sports injuries

To prevent sports injuries, you can do this:

While training:

  • Make sure that you gradually build up your workout. Follow an exercise routine that suits your age, fitness and sport.
  • Warming up
  • Always start with a warm up. In most sports: first take a round of racing or just on an exercise bike. Do it until you feel really warm. The blood vessels in your muscles are then wide open. It flows much oxygen-rich blood through your muscles. The muscles become more flexible and work better together. After warming up, you are fitter. You had better watch out and responds faster. After a good warm up, you have less risk of new injuries.
  • Strengthening exercises
  • This will develop power and speed. This allows you to unexpected movements or shocks faster and better absorb. In football for example, help exercises to strengthen the muscles around the knee joint.
  • Exercises that fit your sport, so you can smoothly make the major movements can maintain better control and longer.

knee injury

Cooling down

  • At the end or during sport: connect sports with leaking or stretching exercises. This allows your body to gradually cool. Then you have less chance of muscle soreness and stiffness the next day.
  • Continue to exercise regularly. How to stay fit. Did not workout, for a while? For example, through injury or winter? Construction sports then gradually again, especially if you are elderly.


Tips for the perfect sports drink

A bit exhausted, I sit at my computer. Because I have a rest week and I was really to it. The train is starting to look more like coaching, but I notice that my legs still have to get used to the effort. They are feeling stiff and sore. That is why this morning I went to a hot yoga session. You might be thinking: “Yoga, relax, do peaceful exercises and meditation”. True in some forms of yoga. But hot yoga is hard work. In a warm room, you must do 26 different poses. You bring your muscles to length, you improve your strength and endurance. For me, it is important to get supple my stiff legs. In addition, hot Yoga detoxify the sweating.To avoid performance loss, it is important for moisture loss supplements during exercise. Did you have ever cramp while riding a huge dry mouth, or are you at the end of a training session completely empty? These are all signs that you drank too little.

sport drinks

Water or sports drink

To avoid loss of performance, it is important that you not only complements the fluid during exercise, but also complements your minerals and energy. Because water is not absorbed properly during exercise, it is recommended to drink a sports drink. In addition, fill you with carbohydrates and minerals with a sports drink. By replenishing minerals, you can  prevent cramping and this carbohydrates are better absorbed in the body. Only then the question is: “Which sports drink can be best used during exercise?”.

Types of sports drink

It is possible to distinguish three different kinds of sports beverages on the basis of the number of solute particles in the drink in comparison with the blood. A hypertonic sports drink has more dissolved particles than blood and contain so much energy, for example, they include soft drinks as well as fruit juices. If you take these beverages during exercise, the chances are that you get stomach pains, because moisture must be removed from your body in order to take the drink. Better to take your isotonic or hypotonic sports drinks during exercise. These have, respectively, the same as less dissolved solids than the blood. This makes the drinks are better absorbed in the body. Depending on how hard you train, you can choose from an isotonic or hypotonic sports drink. An isotonic sports drink contains more carbohydrates than a hypotonic sports drink. Hypotonic sports drink has as main goal to replenish your minerals. During matches I make sure that I drink an isotonic and hypotonic sports drink my bottle take note. I start drinking isotonic sports drink so I replenish my energy immediately.

type of sport drinks

Practice / Tips

Drink enough

It turns out in practice often be difficult to get enough moisture. Start your network with cycling, then you will really have to get used to drink regularly. It is convenient to maintain a fixed schedule drink. For example, you take a few sips from your water bottle every 15 minutes. You should try to get in 125ml-250ml of fluid per quarter. If you are only going to drink when you are thirsty, you are too late. Do not worry, I drink every hour two bottles. So I’m sure my water supply and energy are replenished in good time!

Try sports drink

drink for playing sportThere are many sports drinks with all kinds of flavors and with a different amount of carbohydrates. It is recommended that you first test sports drink during a training session before a match or a big tour is a ride, to avoid abdominal pain. During tours, there are also frequently offered sports drink. If you know yourself that you are prone to an upset stomach, it is advisable to bring along a bag of your favorite sports drink.

Check whether you have drunk enough

To check whether you have been drinking enough during a workout, you can weigh yourself before and after training. If you have had enough, the weight remained the same. Weigh less after exercise, then you have lost too much fluid and you had to drink more during training. It is important that you are replenished immediately this moisture after exercise to promote recovery. If you are lost 1kg of body weight, you must drink 1.5 liters of fluid to fill the gap again.


5 Tips to get squash

Squash is one of the finest recreational sports to play whether you are a beginner or a tough veteran. It is fast, exciting and it gives you a good workout at any level and at any age.

That is all well and good, but no sport is worth to arrive at the doctor after a friendly game. To remain strong on the squash court, I have five tips for you to prevent injuries while playing squash.


Wear your safety goggles

Does it look weird with such spectacles? – Yes! But such security or squash glasses is essential to avoid serious eye injuries.

Squash is played on a closed track with a hard rubber ball that can sometimes reach a speed of 150 km per hour. The ball just taken the wrong steps or weird bounce and then you do not have much expectation of it coming right at your face. In the best case? The ball hits you in your face and you have a big hump. In the worst case? You get the ball right in your eye and you will be blind.

It is good that you, on most squash game wear eye protection. And even if you were not required then it is still a good idea to be put on the glasses.

Buy good shoes

In squash you make a lot fast movements, as in tennis and basketball. The rapid start and stop abruptly in the game run much risk of injury to your ankles, feet and toes.

To run less risk of nasty blisters or a sprained ankle, it is a good idea to invest in good squash shoes. The squash shoes are not only to prevent streaks on the squash court, but they help your feet because there is less friction arises during play, especially when off and stop. It saves much more if you wear good thick socks.


If you do not find good squash shoes, look for basketball shoes that have no black soles. (Due to the stripes on the shoe). It is not the same, but it is a good alternative because the playing style of these two sports is very similar.

Wall or Ball

There comes a time when every squash player must decide immediately: Wall or ball? Unless you are a professional, you would be wise to always choose the wall.

The squash court walls are terribly hard. They are usually from dyed concrete or adhesive composite material. If you fly over the track to hit the ball back to your opponent happens irrevocably once you smack at full speed against the wall.

Such a collision could easily result in a broken collarbone, a dislocated shoulder or a concussion or worse. At such a moment, even in the heat of the game, it is still better to think instead of whatever it takes to go for that ball to your health.

Realize that you can not win every point. Let it go and play the wall instead of the ball.

Using Sporttape

Repeated friction in your hand soon gives blisters, especially if you have a soft skin and developed calluses on your hands. Even if you bite through the blistering pain, it still has an effect on how you hold the racquet and hence how you hit the ball (or not).

You would be wise to make some sports tape in the places where creates the most friction, usually between the thumb and forefinger of your racquet hand.

If you just start playing you only know after a couple of birthday parties where the bright spots will be, but if you feel once you make sure they are gone immediately.

squash court

Reheat and use a brace

As I said earlier you make rapid, sudden movements in squash that you often have to quickly start and stop abruptly. This allows you run much risk of injury in your lower body like groin injuries, ligament and damaged tendons.

Before his step you have warmed up on the track. Go just 10 minutes by bike or pull a few sprints. Do a few push ups and sit ups. Then go stretch when your muscles are warm and the blood that flows faster.

If you already had problems with your knees or ankles, wear a brace. That extra support can be the difference between going home happy after the game or with a long face to the orthopaedist.

How to Sell Your Home Fast

Below are the tips I have given to customers over the years. This made it possible to quickly sell their home. The next question is what you can improve your home for a better price? One of the few things you can not change is the location, otherwise, all other matters are able to be improved. So you can easily choose what you can and want to improve (my suggestion is to do everything). Use the tips and make your home as salable as possible.

The basis of my advice is as follows. Most buyers look for a house to live in. They want a house they like (without extra work) to live in. They do not want to do maintenance more than anything. So make sure that your house is free of maintenance.

Walls paint, for these buyers, is actually maintenance. They want to resolve any leaks or replace kitchen. With this in mind, can you look at your house. Can a new resident of the house use that?

Minor maintenance

Maintain all the little annoyances. Loose door handles, leaky faucets or broken bulbs are easy to solve. Also jammed doors, not closing windows and squeaky hinges, you can easily (to) fix it. Cracked light switches, lopsided kitchen doors and creaking steps lead also fall into this category.

So I can still go on, but I guess you get the idea …

Perhaps you are already discouraged when you think of all those chores? In that case, it is certainly important to address them! How do you think a potential buyer feel differently after a tour? Exactly! Despondent …

Major maintenance

Again: make sure it is done. Exterior painting, leaking gutters, broken sewers or something else? So it is up to you, as the seller, to remove this kind of obstacles.

Why maintenance?

The housing market has changed considerably in recent years. There are many more homes for sale and it takes much longer to be sold.

The house would be sold quickly, regardless of the condition, the decor and all the other things have now become important.

This was mainly due to the overheated housing market. There were many candidates for each house. There were few homes for sale. Buyers were happy if they could buy something.

This has all changed now. There are many homes for sale, so buyers can compare a lot. They can now choose a home that meets all their needs. Are there defects or other faults? They look a little further. Finally, there is plenty to buy.

Sell home on Internet

Your can sell your home on the Internet with good preparation. There are already a lot of homes for sale on the Internet. To stand out, a good presentation is a must! In addition, you need the following.

  • The right pictures.
  • Maybe a video.
  • A detailed description.
  • Plan.
  • The views

The visit may depend much. A visitor can fall in love with your house (great!), or dislike (unfortunately …). In most cases, it will end up somewhere in between.

You can not influence this result at all. But you can do your best so that the visit turns out as favorably as possible.

Preparation on home tour

You can compare it to a car in the showroom. That is so beautiful polished and shiny, tires are made of beautiful black, the interior has a nice smell (and clean) …

  • Make as many space in your house, barn and garage.
  • Buyers want as much space as possible for their money.
  • So … make sure you sell all unnecessary stuff, give away or store elsewhere.
  • Do you have a lot of stuff you never actually used (but want to keep it), then you might consider renting a storage space. You then stores all the stuff that you do not need. You will be surprised how much extra space in your house!
  • Clean house. Honestly, you will find it attractive if you hurry stumbles on a tour of the dirty clothes? Or if you can walk almost anywhere because of the children? The house siding means: all loose items in boxes (or the laundry basket). Unnecessary stuff out of the house. Tables, chairs and desks should be all empty. Try to make a show room of your house.
  • Cleaning the house. Vacuuming everywhere (and dust, do not forget the ceilings), cleaning all windows (inside and outside).
  • Delete attack on wood and exterior painting, leaves from the gutter.

  • Clean the bathrooms and toilets. Consider placing a new toilet bowl.
  • Clean the kitchen. Counter must be empty, stuff must be in the cupboards. Soak and mop the kitchen floor.
  • Cleanup clothing
  • Do you have pets? Excuse the litter box and cage.
  • Use the garage as a garage, not a workshop, warehouse. Put your car outside, so that the space is visible in the garage.


Preventing or removing mold in the bathroom

In a bathroom, molds can quickly form, which are visible as black spots or dots on the wall, or joints between tiles. These molds does not only look dirty, but are also very damaging to the health. Removal and prevention of such fungi in the bathroom is therefore very important. Although fungi are very persistent, fortunately there are plenty of ways to remove mold, combating and preventing the bathroom.

Is mold in the bathroom harmful?

Black dots on the joints between the tiles in the bathroom or shower, black raging or dark spots on walls or ceilings, mold in the bathroom are easily recognizable and provide an unhygienic impression. Now, however, molds are not only an unhygienic impression, but they are also very damaging to the health. This is mainly due to the tracks that deliver the fungus to multiply rapidly. The harmful effects of mold in the bathroom may occur as follows:

  • Fungi can form the carcinogen aflatoxin
  • Mold spores can trigger allergies
  • Mold can cause or aggravate respiratory diseases
  • Mold can cause coughing, headache, fatigue or sneezing

Given the adverse health effects, it is important to remove mold in the bathroom as soon as possible and then to counter and prevent.

Which creates mold?

The places where mold is most prevalent are slightly porous and moist. A slightly porous surface allows moisture better in the ground which attracts the fungus sufficient moisture is available. Now fungus often occurs against walls or ceilings that do not have direct contact with water. That is because of condensation that forms during showering or taking a bath. This condensation is committed against the walls and ceilings, which makes them absorb moisture.


If the bathroom is often in moist, mold naturally arises. Often this is the first visible on the joints between the tiles of the shower. Such a fungus often starts as small black spots, which are not very disturbing. Untreated, these small spots, however, can very quickly grow into large nasty fungus spots.

Removing mold

The handling of mold can be done by means of a solution of baking soda and water. Use 6 grams of baking soda to 1 gallon of water and spray it. Then brush directly with a harder brush, so that the mold will be brushed away. Rinse with clean water and wipe again after using a sponge with clean water. The latter in order to be sure that it is clean again.

Removing mold on grout between tiles

Mold on the joints between the tiles of the shower or bathroom may also be treated with soda, however, it is hereby more effective to use bleach. Such solution was sufficient with 25ml to 1 liter, and spray it on the mold. Let this effect, then remove the mold with a sponge. Then spray the joints well, so that nothing remains seated.

Removing mold on ceilings and walls

Also mold on ceilings and walls can be treated with a mixture of chlorine in water. However, please note that you use adequate protective equipment to be exposed to the negative effects of bleach or mold. Therefore always use a mask and make sure the area is adequately ventilated. Ways to remove mold in the bathroom are all ways in which the mold is made wet and then is removed. This has a reason, if mold is dry removed, there are many spores which then end up in our bodies. These spores may pose health risks.

Preventing mold in the bathroom

To sum up, the following means to remove mold in the bathroom:

  • A mixture of 6 grams of soda per liter of water
  • A mixture of 25 ml was found per liter of water
  • Ready-made mold remover

In order to prevent the return of fungus, there are also a variety of ways. The important thing is to ensure that the moisture in the bathroom can go, for example, by proper ventilation. If that is not possible, it is wise to leave the bathroom door open after use so that at least one air circulation gets going which can carry away some of the moisture.

Should it now be that keep coming back mold spots, there are resources available that can better kill the mold and ensure that it does not come back for a certain period. These means are, for example, a blend in a latex paint. Because of the bathroom with this paint to paint over the bathroom is free of mold for a period of several years. Although this paint on the packaging that the paint over the mold can be superimposed, yet it is recommended to first make sure that the fungus is as far as possible.